Australian owned and operated

Beer in a Bin was established in 2004, delivering ready to serve, Icy cold kegs of beer, housed in specially designed wheelie bins, direct to your door for any occasion.

Most people believe that keg beer tastes better. Our Beer in a Bin System ensures the beer stays cold for over 30 hours and eliminates the large quantities of packaging which are consumed using cans or bottles, thus protecting the environment. Kegs used in Beer in a Bin are reusable by the brewery and save on waste.

The morning after your function, the Bins are collected by the Beer in a Bin operator, leaving no bottles to cart away, or beer caps stuck in your lawn. You can also control the amount of beer being served and if you opt for plastic cups, there will be no broken glass to clean up.

Many of our customers are excited when planning for their events due to the simplicity of ordering and the ease of clean-up associated with our hassle free system. Some sporting clubs now have bans in place on serving alcohol in glass containers. The Beer in a Bin system with plastic cups is an ideal solution.

Feedback from our customers proves that our system looks good and is a novelty which allows people to try their hand at pouring the perfect beer. Let's face it, they just won't let you behind the bar at your local pub.

Beer in a Bin franchises are now available throughout Australia.
Please refer to our Franchises page for additional information or call 08 8268 7123.

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